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Make well-informed choices regarding repair strategies and the mitigation of future failures.

Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCA)

Component failure is not an option for any Oil & Gas company. But in the event one happens, SE has the experts to help you manage and resolve any material or product failure problems. Our experienced team of scientists and engineers have extensive experience in carrying out detailed failure analysis for a wide range of materials, commercial equipment, machinery and structural components across numerous industries, including Oil and Gas, Medical, Civil/Structural, and Food and Beverage.

• Defining Root Cause Failure Analysis
• Apply "Value = Benefit – Cost" to justify RCA
• Define specific types of failures
• Utilize Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
• Effective response to incidents
• Organize teams to ensure efficient analysis
• Analyze failures to determine root cause
• Make recommendations for implementation
• Incident site inspection

We offer advanced FEA services to support product development, simulation of service loading conditions, design optimization, product life time estimation and failure analysis. SE utilizes ABAQUS and MARC software as part of our FEA service. In addition, our FEA service is complemented by a wide range of materials testing services to generate the requisite data and models for subsequent input into FE models to validate the analysis predictions, if required.

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