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Ground-breaking solutions

for a vast range of industry projects.

Notable Projects

High Voltage Transmission Towers

Project Overview:

Investigate and develop an RCA report for the Failures of HV Transmission Tower galvanized bolts. Identify and design a maintenance and recovery plan for already installed bolts. Simulate and analyse towers using FEA modelling (Abaqus FEATM).


Project Overview:

1. Investigate failures of X-Ray cantilevered equipment.

2. Failure of orthodontic braces material. Shape memory alloy failures investigation.

Oil & Gas Facilities

Project Overview:

Investigate and develop an RCA report for the failures associated in Oil and Gas facilities.

  1. Small Bore Connection (SBC) root/weld toe cracking. Review design soundness, materials properties and materials’ fatigue properties. Review fabrication processes and trends used in constructing the piping assemblies. Operating Conditions: Trending of historical operating conditions and philosophies against failure locations. Develop Field Monitoring and Analysis: Dynamic design analysis including natural frequency and resonance studies. Field monitoring for vibrations and pulsations.

Oil and Gas Pipelines

Project Overview:

Investigate and develop an RCA report for the failures of pipelines in the Oil and Gas industry.

Selected Projects:

  1. Pipeline failures due to Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC). Identify causes and develop an RCA report. Recommend and oversee laboratory tests. Develop detection methods. Statistical Predictive Model. Environmental Models. Crack detection models.

  2. Pipeline failures due to over-pressure.

  3. Pipeline failure due to internal corrosion (pitting corrosion). Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC).

  4. Pipeline failures under synergistic effect of corrosion and wear in Sweet and Sour conditions.

  5. Pipeline fatigue failure project investigation and mediation.

  6. Develop and Environmental model to contain and reduce the environmental contamination due to pipeline leaks.

  7. Pipeline dent assessments. A number of pipeline dents were investigated based on API 579. Recommended mitigation plan.

  8. Investigate and prepare an RCA for the failures of glass fibre reinforced pipelines used for diluted bitumen.

Municipal Structures and Materials

Project Overview:

  1. Investigate Manhole cover failures. Review materials and conduct destructive tests.

  2. Retrofitting of historical structures using Fibre Reinforced Polymer by means of spraying.

  3. Concrete durability and cracking of miscellaneous structures.

  4. Structural Health monitoring projects of bridges under dynamic loading.

  5. Fatigue testing of glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) concrete.

  6. Concentric/eccentric loading of GFRP masonry columns.

  7. Strengthening of a concrete masonry wall subject to lateral load with sprayed glass-fibre-reinforced polymer.

Food and Beverage

Project Overview:

Investigate and develop a RCA report for the corrosion of stainless steel transport tanks for milk products.

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