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We help solve problems that may arise throughout the lifecycle of a component.

Fitness for Service

A Fitness for Services (FFS) assessment provides a quantitative measure of the structural integrity of a component containing flaws. Standards used to carry out these assessments provide guidelines which can be used to make run-repair-replace decisions, assisting plant management in identifying appropriate mitigation actions to ensure that the component can be operated safely.

The method can be used to support design, fabrication, operation, change of service and life extension programmes, and is employed widely in a range of industries, including power generation, oil & gas, chemical processing and aerospace. Assessments of this type are widely used as part of the plant lifetime management process, to confidently increase availability, reliability, efficiency and safety.

Shaheen Enterprises possesses comprehensive corrosion control and material evaluation testing experience, backed by our world-class team of corrosion consultants. Our team provides an extensive range of sour corrosion services and environmental simulations following such international protocols as ISO, ASTM, IP MIL, NACE, FTM and others to a consistent standard of technical excellence.

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